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Who We Are

Long Standing Experience

Over 25 years of solid experience in business, operations and technical domains. Our experience spans start-ups of business, operations, and projects right from conception all the way until maturity, as well as running existing and recurring business. This includes organizational, processes, and tools build up and optimization for best results, whether it is a business concept initiation, or a project or program setup and management, for large, complex programs as well as medium or even small.

Outstanding Performance

Built on knowledge, certifications, and experience the endeavors that we led were not only successful, but also were outstanding by all means and measures, exceeding targets and expectations. That was achieved by building on our strengths and mitigating risks early on, as well as building on the strengths of all stakeholders whom are well involved and informed all along.

Global Experience

We’ve done business, programs and projects in more than 45 countries either as a direct market for our activities, or as consultation and exchange of experience, building and optimizing processes, creating and optimizing business and project tools, training, coaching, and mentoring of teams and individuals. Our presence is not only on site, but we are well experienced in virtual environments, where we lead operations and projects remotely building successful, coherent and targeted virtual teams to reach and exceed desired goals.

Diversity and Culture

Cultural awareness key in conducting our work. Our global exposure and engagement in a diversified range of cultures and backgrounds in many countries and in different continents gives us an edge in understanding the underlying uniqueness of each project, enabling us to address well the expectations of our stakeholders diligently and with respect. Adding to this is our relentless adherence to business ethics.

What We Do

Business Consulting

By understanding your business, your vision and mission, your short and long term goals, we can support you as an organization or as an individual to reach and fulfill those goals with the least pain possible. Whether you have a running business, or you have a new idea, we can pitch in our experience, research and ideas to crystalize those ideas into workable models. We can support your startup by drafting your business plans and procedures to materialize it into a successful operation.

We can help building case studies, business plans, and feasibility studies to help make the best business decisions and to go forward with an informative approach and less guess work.

Project Management & Operations

We assume project/program management role, having the project under control from inception till closure. Project Management PMI methodologies are followed.

Certification, knowledge, and long international experience enable us to perform at peak efficiency and success of your project or operation.

We handle all project phases: initiation, planning, execution, monitoring and closing. Making sure that all milestones are clear and achievable, with risk identification, mitigation, and monitoring along the project. Stakeholders buy-in and involvement is also a key point for the project success.

Process Management

Processes and procedures are of material importance to any successful business and operation. We help define clear process flow with defined interfaces so that business and operations will not only run smoothly, but will also be predictable and controllable.

We aim at aligning processes with the organization's strategic goals, designing and implementing process architectures, establishing process measurement systems that align with organizational goals, and educating and organizing managers so that they will manage processes effectively.

Processes, whether existing in your organization or newly introduced, are subject to continuous revision for efficiency and to cope with business evolution.

Support and Other Services

Along with any venture or business, there come several side activities and requirements of much importance that need attention, and without which there will be gaps. We can support filling in these needs. This includes, but not limited to:

  • Preparing documentation for business and projects, for example Scope of Work documents, Responsibility Matrix, Implementation Plan, Risk Assessment and Mitigation, etc…
  • Content creation for your profile or website
  • Proof reading and revision of your existing assets, like business case, plans, or other documents/assets that may require verification or update
  • Coaching and mentoring
  • English-Arabic translation

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