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Having a "Domain Name" is the first step for your global presence. Like your personal name, or your business' name, your domain name will be how your customers or viewers know you with.

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Your website domain name is important:

  • It can reinforce your branding or product message
  • The right domain name can help visitors to find you and make it easy for them to return later
  • Your domain name can influence your search engine rankings
  • Many internet users search on intuitive or partially remembered domain names rather than search engines

You can have more than one domain name to cover different terms for your products or to reflect different country or marketplace preferences. Even you might need to have the domain name in ".com", ".net", ".org", etc... so that a competetor will not take your domain name with another extension and start making money out of your branding. This happens.

In many instances, the domain name you want for your website might be taken (registered by someone else). So a search for the closest fit must be done. Once decided for an "available" name, it must be registered in your name.

We can do all this for you. Search for names, and their variants, helping you decide what's best for you, and then taking all the administrative work and follow up, to make sure you acquire the name(s).

You will remain the owner of this name as long as you renew. Renewals are periodic. We will notify you before every expiration date, so that to order renewals, to ensure you will always own the name.

If you already have a domain name, we can:

  • Check it is properly established with up to date contacts and ensure you are the registered owner
  • Undertake the admin on your behalf including future renewals
  • Transfer registrars where appropriate to save you unnecessary costs

Please contact us to take care of your domain name or if you have any further question. We will be glad to help.

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