Outsourcing... "We Get Things Done"
         Delegate? Of Course... Free Your Mind, and Your Resources


At Unisource Technologies, we have kept a close look on the market, and realized the need for companies and organizations to delegate some of their IT work to experts in the field, for reasons some of which are mentioned below, and you can find countless articles and books on this subject.

We will tackle every detail of your website related work, from domain name safe-keeping, to hosting, to website design and development, content management and maintenance. We do all this with an acute sense of business agility, employing all our expertise that we have mounted over years of exposition to the latest developments, and with a vision to make your project an added value that will amass our success and mount our reputation.

Organizational ability in the marketplace will determine which companies survive and which don’t. Companies are realizing that to be competitive they must focus on their core business products, not on running a back office. New technology has made it more difficult to support the back office in these organizations and attract the skills necessary to face the challenges of the new economy. Outsourcing allows companies to maintain their strategic focus without the added pressures of maintaining an ever expanding infrastructure.

Typical benefits of outsourcing include:

• Reduce & define operating costs
• Focus on core competencies of the business
• Obtain industry best practices & capabilities
• Access technical resources that are not available
• Free internal resources for strategic roles
• Increase productivity by reducing IT problems
• Establish a consistent level of service to the organization

Selecting the right vendor is perhaps one of the most critical success factors within the outsourcing process. Factors to consider in determining the right
outsourcer are:

• Price
• Competency
• Flexibility
• Capabilities

Our years of experience in project handling gave us the know-how of keeping our abilities sharp and up-to-date, so that we can always be on top when handling your project. To us quality comes first and foremost, even with our competent prices. Being so aware of a capabilities, we don't think in dollars, we think in quality of service.

We will work with you to get your work done, as team to keep your vision and your goals alive and well established. Keeping good lines of communication so that we will always be in tune as we realize your project. You will definitely get what you pay for... and more.

For any assitance in your website related issues, and soon for your software development and maintenence needs, please contact us, we'll be there.

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